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Rocking Horse Saddles & bridles- Product Reviews

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All our leatherwork is made from bridle leather - edged, stained and polished, using traditional brass buckles. Over the years we have designed many styles and sizes based on the traditional riding saddle including contoured seats, knee pads and wool flocked panels,which allow the saddle to sit firmly on the Rocking Horses' back and help to maintain the shape of the seat.

These sets do not include stirrup irons but we can supply these at £9.50 a pair

  Standard Saddle Set ~ Medium
Flat seated saddle, detachable stirrup leathers with bridle and martingale. All straps riveted


Deluxe Saddle Set ~ Medium
Contoured seat, detachable stirrup leathers, deluxe bridle & martingale. All straps hand stitched

(with Knee pads £194.00)

'Jasper' Saddle Set ~ Medium/Large
This is our own unique design - the deluxe saddle with knee pads and wool flocked panel, hand stitched bridle, martingale crupper and dock. Detachable stirrup leathers and girth


'Jasper' Saddle Set
With coloured seat, knee pads, brow band and dock


Standard Rocking Horse Saddle

C. Standard Rocking Horse saddle
This saddle can be removed from your Rocking Horse. The stirrup leathers are detachable. the girth is not detachable. The seat sits flat on the horses' back (stirrup irons NOT included) 8" seat


Large Rocking Horse Saddle

C2. Standard Rocking Horse saddle - Large
As standard but with 9" seat and detachable stirrup leathers


D. Deluxe Rocking Horse saddle ~ Slim Seat
This saddle can be removed from your Rocking Horse. Includes detachable stirrup leathers (irons NOT included). Seat is contoured in soft suede to look like a traditional saddle with detachable girth.
Small    8" seat
Medium  9" seat

Large       10" seat




Deluxe Rocking Horse Saddle - Wide Seat

Large 10" seat

Ex Large 10.5" seat

Additions to Deluxe Saddles

Padded knee inserts +£26.00      Coloured seat and Knee pads   +£15.00

Wool-flocked panel + £52.00


11" & 12" saddles also available - Slim seats.

Most sizes of saddles are available in two seat widths, the slim seated variety suiting finer carved horses.

Deluxe Saddle Small

E. Deluxe Saddle, Small
Plain flap, suede seat.


Deluxe Saddle Large

F. Deluxe saddle, Large
With suede seat, knee pads